Compression Fractures

What are Compression Fractures? Compression fractures occur when one or more bones in the spine weaken and collapse. This can lead to pain, loss of height, and a hunched forward posture. Common causes include osteoporosis and trauma.

Common Treatments:

  1. Conservative: Bracing to support the spine, physical therapy to strengthen muscles, and pain management techniques.
  2. Medications: Pain relievers and osteoporosis medications if needed.
  3. Minimally Invasive Injections: Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty to stabilize the fracture and alleviate pain.


  1. Q: Can compression fractures heal on their own?
    A: Some may heal with conservative care, but medical intervention by a physiatrist often ensures proper recovery.
  2. Q: What activities should I avoid with a compression fracture?
    A: Heavy lifting and high-impact activities should be avoided; a physiatrist can provide specific guidance.
  3. Q: How effective are minimally invasive procedures for compression fractures?
    A: Procedures like vertebroplasty can be highly effective in stabilizing the fracture and relieving pain.

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